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About Us

We are the African Communities Council of South Australia (ACCSA), a community-led organisation built by a team of dedicated volunteers with the aim of promoting and preserving the African culture, and connecting and serving the community.
ACCSA is led by a team of volunteers with over 50 years professional work experience in various sectors including law, government, accounting, social services, and community services. Together, we volunteer our time to serve the African community by working towards a set of core goals that drive our ACCSA mission.
These include:

Connecting the African community in South Australia and beyond

Through our events, social media, and ongoing communication, we aim to connect all African people living in South Australia, and beyond. Our goal is to ensure all Africans old and young, feel included and part of our extended family.

Empowering the African community through knowledge and action

We want to help empower our community to enable them to take charge of their lives and be successful members of society. We do this by sharing information and knowledge, fostering community leaders, and acting as a source of government and business information to keep our members informed.

Driving advocacy and understanding of the African people

We want to champion the African culture and help share it with the wider Australian community. Our goal is to make all our community members advocates so they can spread awareness and knowledge of the African culture and help drive understanding and unity.

Driving excellence within the
African community

We not only want the African community to be connected, but to thrive, prosper and be a shining example of success. Through education, training, and information, we want to help build our community’s reputation for excellence in business, sport, and community services.